UCPB Gen launches Blackbox Insurance

April 19, 2018 – People from the media gathered as UCPB Gen officially launched Blackbox Insurance, your extra eyes on the road and possibly the most innovative motor insurance in the country.

The event was led by James Deakin, a social media influencer, and a journalist from CNN. He shared his personal experience being the first one to use the VTEL Smart GPS Tracker which comes for free upon applying for Blackbox Insurance. Representatives from UCPB Gen also discussed about how Blackbox Insurance redefines the traditional motor insurance we all know. “It’s the type of motor insurance that you experience on a daily basis.” says Mary Liao, Senior Marketing Manager of UCPB Gen. With the help of a monitoring device powered by VTEL, you can get rewarded by being a safe driver. VTEL generates a driving score based on your speed, the way you brake, accelerate, and take corners. And that makes it exciting and will let you save, by driving safe.

It is the only motor insurance policy which gives you up to 20% discount upon renewal once you get a good driving score.

The VTEL Smart GPS Tracker monitors your car’s vital signs, allowing you to check essential data such as location and distance travelled, receive safety and security alerts, and other features that can help you improve your driving behavior and increase road safety. It also generates an Accident Reconstruction Report upon automatically receiving a crash alert. This allows the process of making claims even faster due to the accuracy and reliability of data gathered. And this particular alert will send you roadside or emergency assistance once verified.

Blackbox Insurance comes in two packages; Pay How You Drive (Annual Insurance Cover) and Pay As You Drive (Insurance on Demand) which will be available soon. This allows you to purchase a prepaid premium only when you need it either by days, or mileage.

Alerts and data are accessible thru the user-friendly Blackbox App available of App Store and Google Play.

For more information, you can visit UCPB Gen or call (+632) 811-BBOX.